Our Story

Time to live and breathe with ease.

In September 2019 we began a simple journey where, in a time strapped and ever demanding world,  our quest is to making living easier. To help people live in and enjoy the moment.

Everything we build do or say is focused on one objective,

“Use technology to making living easier”

This is our mantra, objective and goal wrapped up in one statement.


This is a quest and we will continually update, grow and improve this service so it becomes your natural way of managing your life, your obligations, your career and your family, in an order that is important to YOU. 

We hope to be there for many parts of your journey.

Patrick Crawford

Patrick 4

Patrick Crawford

"Founder with a real desire to making living easier for as many people as possible, everywhere”

Head Of Technology & Our Digital Platform

"We are looking for a CTO/CDO with a drive, imagination and raw desire to build LivEazi into a global force that changes the way people live in a digital age.

We have the technology partners on board, now we need the digital vision for the future to blend LivEazi into a continually evolving lifestyle service that helps our clients get"

Chief People Officer

"It's always about the people you bring on board. We have to lead and take care of people in our charge so we can maintain a key focus on our objective, "Making Living Eazier. We are looking for a CPO who will bring on board the key people for success ".

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Head of Social Media & Marketing

"Our success will be based on how we positively effect our clients lives. We must ensure that location by location we get that message out loud and clear, on every channel across all media”