LivEazi Shared Diary
Help Us Focus On Your Time, Is Designed to allow you Share Appointments

Show services in LivEazi App with shared diary

Adding an event is simple. 

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The LivEazi Pilot
Begins In Dublin

LivEazi TM Mobile & Web Digital Assistant will launch a pilot in spring 2020.  The purpose is to get your view and find out what you really need

We are designing a services where every input can be shared in any number of diaries with significant others, automatically, nothing is lost.  

Time is managed carefully allowing trusted supporters, coaches, carers, relations and friends access to ensure time works for you not the other way around. 

You decide who can see what. You stay in control.

Specifically Designed Around You To Manage, Service & Support Many Communities, SME’s Families & Diverse Groups

Show services in LivEazi App with shared diary

There's more... LivEazi Is Gives You What You Need When You Need It

LivEazi will provides local support & services. These will be ranked & advocated so you find answers to your needs now.

When they are booked they automatically populated shared diaries so everyone knows whats happening and when.   

Living is about enjoying the moments. Enjoying them now. Securely, without compromise. If you feel lost, disappointed, can’t find and control of the here and now you will lose yourself to strife. 

LivEazi shares clearly & balances your days.

Patrick Crawford

I'm Finding Time To Relax.

Everyone deserves time to relax. What makes the difference is having everything at the touch of your thumb.